Introducing the 360° web

Add multidimensional interactivity to videos, photos, & web experiences with the HI Platform (HIP)

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A new era of

Add playful 360° interaction to your content

Turning viewers into players

Boost your content with audience inspirations and gamified feedback.

Dimensional web browsing

Browesable environments for shopping experiences.

Game environments from photos

Hollywood tie-in, in your neighbourhood!

Augmented Special FX

Branded promotions in your living room.

Conversational host

Real human hosts powered by AI-assisted story paths.

Next gen

Hyper Optimize Screens

Multidimensional browsing transforms flat web content into seamless multimedia experiences- all within a single frame

Novel Use of 3D

Apply 360° animation techniques to everyday web experiences and add playful interaction

Play Anywhere

hiP is built on standard web technologies and content can be instantly deployed on any desktop or mobile device